Ron’s Process Service (RPS) is

We are a Service of Process Business.

What is a Service of Process Business?

Service of Process

Service is according to Black’s Law Dictionary…signifies the delivering to or leaving them with the part to who or with whom they out to be delivered or left, and when they are so delivered, the are then said to have been served…  The service must furnish reasonable notice to defendant of proceedings to afford him opportunity to appear and be heard. This is the crux affording the party being served the opportunity to be heard, i.e. DUE PROCESS


Simply stated this is the legal delivery of court documents to the proper named recipient.

Again, according to Black’s Law Dictionary…” process is any means used by court to acquire or exercise its jurisdiction over a person, or over specific property….” With legal court documents a summons or a subpoena or occasionally a writ or warrant may be the instrument used.

Simply stated we deliver court document to those individuals and entities that the court has named is party in a legal action and by delivering the document as required is under the jurisdiction of the court to defend their legal rights.

We are:

Certified as a Process Server by State of Arizona Superior Court through the Pima County Superior Court Clerk’s Office. First licensed by the court as a Process Server in March 2012.

We serve any and all types of documents permitted by the courts to serve in the state of Arizona.

Licensed by the City of Tucson

Business name registered with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Corporation Commission

Insured by Hiscox Insurance

We specialize in Special Forcible Eviction Detainers (FED) and Forcible Eviction Detainers, including irreparable or noncompliance tenants.

We utilize GPS tracking software provided by Logo Paper Tracker. A photo of each serve/posted FED will be emailed to you at the time of the event.